Finding Suitable Hotels in Alicante, Spain

Alicante in Spain is a well known city for tourists and visitors who flock in summer to spend their vacations relaxing on the famous beaches and hotels in Alicante, the Costa Blanca. Alicante is very well connected by air, train and road and Alicante airport is the fifth busiest airport in Spain. The city also has a ferry service to Balearic Island and Algiers. Alicante’s famous landmark is the Castle of Santa Barbara that stands on a hillock overlooking the city and harbor. Alicante is the eight most populace city in Spain. As tourism is a main revenue earner for Alicante you will find the people are friendly and helpful.

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There are a number of hotels in Alicante and you can easily find a hotel that will suit your budget when you search for hotels in Alicante, Spain. If you plan to visit Alicante in the summer months you should get your Alicante hotel booking done early, as the city will be teeming with visitors. There are 47 hotels in Alicante and 16 Bed & Breakfast/Inns. Alicante has 2 five star and 9 four and three star hotels and 2 two star hotels.

The World Wide Web and view all the Alicante hotels that have their websites. You can also do your bookings on line at these hotels. However if you are looking for cheap hotels in Alicante you might need to get in touch with an Alicante resident or a travel and holidays booking agency. There are cheap hotels in Alicante as all visitors cannot afford pricy accommodations especially when they are there for a long vacation.

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Visitors, who have been to Alicante and fallen in love with the city, have also explored Alicante hotels and noted their favorite places to stay on their next visit. Some people prefer staying in hotels that have a view of the Mediterranean Sea or are located close to the beach. But there are some very nice hotels in downtown Alicante also.

If you are looking for holiday hotels in Alicante you can find some very good ones along the coast to the north of the city. Most of these hotels offer all inclusive services and their restaurants are quite good. For business travelers there are quite a few good hotels to choose from in Alicante.

For people who love sightseeing the Melia Hotel Alicante which is located in the harbor area is most suitable. It’s close to the city center, has a wonderful view of the harbor and a beach as well. The Tryp Gran Sol Hotel Alicante is the only high rise hotel in Alicante and has a restaurant close to the top. The service is what you would expect from a four star hotel. The Albahia Hotel Alicante is more affordable as it’s a three star hotel. Its close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea and the beaches makes it the ideal place to stay when you are on a budget vacation. There is a large choice of hotels in Alicante but try and choose one that has a three star rating at least.

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