Alicante Car Hire

Alicante is one of the beautiful cities of the world. Located in the province of Alicante, beautifully wrapped by the coast on one side and a mountain range on the other side, this city depicts a blend of culture from the Roman and Arab civilizations.

The foremost question, for every vacationer travelling to any part of the world, is transportation in an alien city. The host city might have a completely different transportation infrastructure, as compared to the home city and that definitely creates problems. You might not know the exact routes for buses, or you might find taxis very expensive. On the other hand, some people might find car rental as an expensive option, without considering the advantage of convenience and freedom.

Alicante city has a well connected railway and electric tram network extends more towards the suburban areas and surrounding cities. However, it is not that well connected inside the city. The city has an established bus service, as well as a taxi service. However, for someone who is new to the city for a short time period, it will take a long time to understand the bus routes and taxi manners.

Car hire comes with a number of advantages. First of all you have the advantage of not wasting time for the long bus and taxi lines. Once you are off your flight at Alicante airport, you car will be waiting for you. This is true for situations in which you have booked beforehand, or even when you hire at the airport. You just need to find the car hire desk once you are at the airport, and you will be directed towards your choice of vehicle.

Car hire gives you the freedom of time and pace on your vacation. You can plan your trip according to your wishes, without having to wait for a taxi or a bus. You might want to walk on the lovely Explanada de Espana or the promenades during one of the summer full moon nights, or stop by the Basilica of Santa Maria, or even spend a day at the Mediterranean beach. You might also want to explore the nearby cities of Barcelona, Valencia or Costa Blanca once you have explored the city. Car hire will make it extremely convenient for you to explore places.

Visitors can book their cars in advance and take advantage of discounts and competitive rates. You will be able to find number of car hire companies on the Internet that primarily serve international tourists. Some of these offer cheap holiday packages, which serve the vacationers perfectly. The rate of your car hire will vary according to the number of days. Usually it gets cheaper with addition of days. So the more the days, the lesser will be the per day rent. Being mobile with a city map or a chauffeur, is the best option that will help you in optimizing your time and money. So, car hire is the best solution for tourists.