Alicante Weather

Alicante is one of the most historic cities of Spain, located in the Province of Alicante. It is the second most populated city of Valencia, and has momentous significance because of its 7000 years ancient status. The city is well known around the world, for its natural scenery, as well as historically rich culture and architecture. Amongst the most well known places is the Castle of Santa Barbara, which overlooks the entire city, Explanada de Esparia, Garvina Palace, Castle of San Fernando, Monastery of Santa Faz etc.

Alicante is a favorite with tourists, because of its beautiful weather. The city has a Mediterranean climate where the temperature remains beautifully mild throughout the year. The temperature ranges from 23 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius in the months of summer, with July and August being the hottest of months. During the winter, the temperature ranges from 16 degree Celsius to 19 degree Celsius with January and December being the coldest months.

There is particularly little or no fluctuation in temperature throughout the year, and the winters can be considered as very mild, and the summers relatively warm. The city is beautifully wrapped with smaller hills nearby, and then further by high mountains and the sea on the other side, which helps in keeping the weather at constant level. For people from the extreme temperature zones, the weather can be categorized as mild throughout the year.

Alicante a perfect holiday destination throughout the year. Summers are loved by tourists from the colder regions as it is usually sunny, hot and dry along with cool sea breeze. This makes it a perfect weather to laze and relax around the beach. However, sometimes the heat becomes unbearable especially in the months of July and August. Don’t forget to pack a lot of summer clothes and a sun block if you plan a trip in summer.

On the other hand, winters are perfect because the average sunlight during the day is around six hours, making it very pleasant and comfortable during the day. The night temperature can sometimes become a little cold, but rarely anything below 5 degree Celsius. Rainfalls are witnessed in the month of November, but that is generally around 60mm. However, there might be a few cold bouts during the winter peak, and similarly summers can be bit uncomfortable at their peak.

So it’s your choice as to which weather suits your needs best. People from extremely cold places such as Europe, summers and winters both are pretty relaxing, whereas people from moderate or hot climates prefer Alicante in winters. However, the perfect weather recorded for holidays so far is May and October.

Tourists can take help from different weather prediction websites that give a complete record of the temperature over a certain period of time. These predictions are usually accurate and detailed giving a clear picture of the temperature, rainfall, cold bouts etc. This will help tourists in planning their trip in their choice of weather.